We remodeled our staircase and banister which also wraps around the upstairs landing of our home.  The total cost of the job was $8,700.00 with Beach City Stairs which we thought was a very fair price.  Andy came to our home for our estimate and listened and understood what we were looking for.  We wanted a traditional style with a classic, timeless look with cottage white wooden balusters and skirts and stained oak rails and treads.  They completely covered our wood floor to protect the surface for the entire job.  Demo was fast and easy, not too messy.  Joe did all the carpentry wood, start to finish.  His work is that of a master carpenter.  Something that Beach City and Joe should be very proud of.  Joe suggested a few minor changes to the bottom treads, which worked very well.  Erick and Ruben did all the sanding, staining and painting with lacquer paint and did an amazing job.  They color matched our existing  crown molding for the skirts and balusters into the lacquer paint.  While the process for staining and painting is dusty and smelly, they took painstaking care masking off everything and the stain and paint on our new stairs is outstanding and really shows the quality and care that Beach City Stairs takes to complete a job that the owners will love for years.  We had a small hic-up at the end that was a combination of our fault and miscommunication, but Andy, my hubby and I came up with a solution that was workable for both parties and after the carpet was laid the competed project was awesome.
Our job included: New stained handrail, stained wood stair treads on both sides of the stairs, painted skirts and end risers, and 5/8″ tread risers.  As a side note:  we had the carpet laid using a Z-bar and tack strip which made the stair tread “lips/edge” disappear and flow right into the carpet edge for a flawless and original look.
I highly recommend Beach City Stairs.  Be sure to ask for a “to scale” drawing and tape off the project on your existing staircase to be sure that your end result will be balanced and what you envision.  Thanks Andy, Joe, Erick and Ruben!